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Employee Accolades

Fantastic Work-
Kent Caylor
Scheduling staff shared the following:  “I just got a call from a patient that was tested by Kent Caylor.  He wanted everyone from the scheduler, sleep technologist and RT department to know that we saved his life and he is forever grateful!!  He stated that he had his best night of sleep in 20 years and he feels so good that he almost feels hyper.  He said he was able to sit at his desk this morning and actually concentrate and get his work done. He also stated that he drove 30 miles to his shop and never got tired once.  He started to cry at this point because he felt so grateful to all of us and what we did for him.  His wife was actually able to sleep through the night without him constantly moving and stopping breathing.  She also thinks we saved his life.

His coworkers are even telling him the difference they see in him.  He said next to his wedding day and the birth of his children, this was the BEST day of his life!  He could not say enough kind words about what a wonderful human being Kent is and how lucky he felt to have him as his technician.  He thought Kent was so knowledgeable about his job and was so professional.  When he had his appointment with his PA, he told her all about us and his experience.  He told her we were the best company and she needs to use us for every sleep study she orders.  She said she was very happy to hear this news and that she would definitely use us in the future. This was the most FUN call that I have taken in the 9 years that I have been at PDS.   I guess we really are changing lives!”
Extraordinary Customer Service
Lee Lockwood
South Dakota
Following a sleep study, a patient went to great lengths to describe the kindness, patience and professionalism that Lee showed him during his study.  He described Lee as a “Top-notch, Five-Star” employee.  He went on to explain that prior to his retirement, he’d been a hospital CEO, so he’d spent many  years working with healthcare workers and knows a great one when he sees one.